Air conditioner, being electro-mechanical equipment, has its performance alter after a certain period of operation. Hence such equipment must be checked and maintained at a certain time of operation. Servicing and maintaining equipment is a support for the lifespan of equipment ultimately saving our money not only by prolonging the lifespan but also by increasing the efficiency of operation.

Air conditioner repair jobs also can be made less frequent with timely servicing of the air conditioner on regular basis. Here we will discuss some major regular checkups, servicing, and maintenance that are provided under our Annual Maintenance Contract.

Cleaning of air filters, indoor unit grill, and others through blowers or vacuum pump.

Air dust is accumulated under the body of air conditioner that will increase the dirt inside your workspace and reduce the performance as well. Particularly the air filter, indoor grill and other parts should be cleaned by blowers or a vacuum pump.

Cleaning of the indoor unit body by wet cloth.

The indoor unit needs to be cleaned timely. Without cleaning the indoor unit timely, it may also harm the beauty of your space along with the performance degradation.

Replacement of filter if found damaged/unusable.

The air filter used in air conditioner may not be further usable and may also harm the performance of the AC unit. Hence it needs to be replaced if it is found to be damaged or blocked badly.

Checking selector switch, thermostat, relays, remote control, etc.

Major components of the air conditioner should be checked individually to prevent major damages. Thermostat, relay, remote control, etc should be checked for their normal operation.

Checking motor bushing.

Process of checking the parts alerts the status of the parts and hence may recommend replacement or minor repair before major component failure. Checking motor bushing will also do the same.

Checking ground connections.

Air conditioner unit is connected to ground for electrical safety. Hence we need to check ground connections timely.

Cleaning of blower and condenser fan.

Blower and condenser fan are also moving part part of the AC. So they need to be cleaned within certain period of intervals.

Checking and tightening of nuts and bolts.

Many nuts and bolts are used to fix the components of the Air conditioning system. Hence they need to be tightened to operate in right condition. With time they may get loosened and hence we need to tighten them.

Oiling the motors.

Moving part of the motors must be oiled to make them smooth and highly operational.

Checking electrical power/ MCB.

Electrical power supply of the device must be checked and must be in nicely connected to all the desired points. Hence they must be checked and fixed timely.

Checking cooling, heating efficiency.

The efficiency of the device is to be checked in regular basis to know exact delivery of the device. This may notify the exact operational condition of the AC.

Checking supporting elements of compressor, blower, air conditioning casing, fixing rods of AC.

Each components have their own role on operation. Hence we need to check the supporting elements of the air conditioner and make them appropriate for the operation.

Repairing any component of the air conditioner (outdoor and indoor units, inlet and outline pipelines, electrical connections, etc.) found defective after the above checks.

Small minor repairing may preserve the major damage. Hence we need to replace or repair any less performing components in time to reduce major repair and prevent device damage.

Cleaning outdoor unit.

Outdoor unit must be cleaned within regular interval. We clean the outdoor unit thoroughly to make it more efficient and maintain the cleanliness.

Checking the status of refrigerant gas.

Refrigerant is the driving fuel of the heating and cooling process. Hence it must be in appropriate amount and pressure within the refrigeration cycle in Air conditioning unit.

Greasing of the blower motor.

Blower motor must be greased and oiled to operate in normal.

Drainpipe blockage check.

Blockage in drain pipe may result major defect in device. Hence it must be checked and unblocked in right time.

Pressure check

Refrigerant without sufficient pressure can not deliver the expected amount of performance. Besides that it may also harm the device.

Free recommendations and consultation about room temperature maintenance.

You must know about the comfortable efficiency and capacity of air conditioning device. Hence you need to take appropriate advice and consultation from experts working in this sector.

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