Summer is coming here in Nepal, which means increased temperature and humidity outside. To make the workspace comfortable and human-friendly, many people use indoor air conditioners. But if the air conditioner doesn’t work properly, then the device seems to be evil for you. Decreased efficiency and increased bills will bother you most of the case due to ignoring regular maintenance of Air conditioner and proper handling of the issues in your AC device, and may also lead to the complete collapse of your device too.

Avoid such a scenario by keeping your air conditioner in proper condition. Such maintenance is termed popularly preventative maintenance. Here we will explain why you need to inspect and maintain the air conditioner for this summer.

Air conditioning device protection

Replacing an air conditioner is expensive work for maintaining your comfort, especially if you need to do so frequently. Even if some of the replacement of the major parts may lead to unreasonable investment for you. Doing regular maintenance extends the life of your equipment. Our research says that most of the AC replacement could have been prevented with regular maintenance.

Furthermore, scheduled checkups reduce the probability of costly and unexpected repairs. Servicing your Ac equipment with skilled and qualified professionals will make you aware of the status of your device. This will lower the need for emergency repair. You will be notified of the worn equipment and need for repair and replacement at right time, and this will prevent damage and avoid emergency calls.

Regular maintenance will reduce the stress on air conditioners. When ducts are clogged and filters are are dirty, A/C units must work harder to maintain air output. This places increased stress on the motor and the cooling unit can move towards breakdown issues.

Saving Energy

Energy consumption reduction is a prime issue to save your money by delivering the same amount of work by the device. Preventive maintenance will assure the operation of the A/C device at its optimum capacity by increased efficiency. Thoroughly cleaning blades, cooling coils and other components included in the regular A/C checkups plans will maximize energy efficiency to save money on utility bills.

Tuning up the devices includes many important checkpoints such as duct cleaning, monitoring/replacement of coolant, a thorough inspection of equipment and seals, a thermostat check, and more.

Replacement of the air filter timely also adds up the quality of performance and reduces the risk of damage. At times of heavy use, you might have to change the filter more frequently. Filters are available in the market, and installation is quick and easy.

Peace of mind and Comfortable environment

Air quality of the space where you spend much more time must be of top concern.

Air conditioner without timely repair and maintenance, dirt and debris can collect in and around the unit. Over time, this has a more negative effect on indoor air quality. This will contaminate the air passing through it and may also create allergy and breathing problems. The safety and health of yourself, guest, and loved ones will be at risk.

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