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Team Nepal AC is Kathmandu Valley based Air Conditioner repair and sales service company. We offer: Installation & Supply, Repair & Maintenance, Heating & Refrigeration Solutions, Annual Maintenance Contract Programs

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Our team of highly trained engineers, technicians, with countless hours of experience, is here to give you the best service possible

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For your time constraint we are available to deliver product of your choice to your doors.You can find this service 24-7

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By taking care for secure and reliable billing, we accept eSewa, Khalti, IMEpay, ConnectIPS online banking services.

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Engineering you indoor air is our motto. We are available24-7 for your urgent needs for any kind of Air-Conditioning services.

Amazing engineers, technicians and advanced proven technology will keep your environment as your wish.

We are passionate about air conditioning and having the latest technology known from our professional research, we assure your indoor air comfort and best HVAC/R services. We install, repair, sale and consult for any kind of Air-Conditioning service based on customers condition, concerns, desired outcomes and budget.

Complete Air Conditioning Services

Engineering your Air Conditioning.


We sell multi-brand AC/HVAC, cold storages to our customers. We assure the best price of Air Conditioner all over the Nepal. Licensed and experienced team will provide installation services quickly and professionally.

Repair/ Servicing

Our HVAC/R training lab is for technicians that will polish their skills on repairing and maintenance. We provide experienced air conditioning repair and maintenance services from our licensed and experienced team of technicians.


We practically apply our knowledge to conserve nature and provide enhanced quality of life to our costumer. We are seriously working to follow the international agreements and treaties on such behalf as like Montreal Protocal, Vienna treaties etc.


In our team group of professional engineers is always doing research for the betterment of HVAC/R technology. We assure the best consultation based on our research on recent technologies.

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Great products with reliable prices and great customer service. One of the best in Nepal at the moment. Highly recommended.

Anup Khadka

Hotel Manager

I am very thankful to teamnepal AC for their quality service. Professional service and responsive!

Sadam Bala

Engineer at NEA

An excellent destination for AC connection and maintenance in Nepal. Best place for AC installation, maintenance and servicing in Nepal.

Santosh Sharma

Engineer at NBSM

Great experience working with the company ...

Sabita Maharjan


Nice to work with such highly professionals in consumer electronics sector. Their expertise on Air Conditioning is really appreciable.

Er. Bhuwan Paudel

Co-founder, Kathmandu Hydro Electric Pvt. Ltd.

This team of young Engineers is energetic and quick to respond. Technically sound, efficient with professional approach in design, maintenance and installation of Air Conditioning. They provide a good consultation before installation on your requirement of HVAC.

Ashish Ghimire

CEO of Step Up Restro

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