In 1902 Willis H. Carrier had successfully used Air conditioners during his work. Hence he is also known as the father of air conditioning. But the word “Refrigeration” is used before by the people of Rome, Egypt, and Greece. Those people used to store the water or wine in the vessel of clay to preserve humidity and low temperature. In such a way, the foods used to remain safe for some more time.

After that people started to store foods in vessels covered by a layer of ice and that made a safer way of storing foods. However, this technique also couldn’t meet the need for prolonged storage of food or goods that require low-temperature storage. Hence domestic refrigeration is prepared and started to produce more and more ice to use in-store. Slowly those machines were improved and developed towards advanced refrigeration technology. Mainly fine lining, nice models, and better insulation were on emphasis during this improvement phase. Hence refrigeration became capable of providing a much lower temperature in comparison to room temperature, and storage of foods for a much longer time had been possible. Refrigeration had started to manufacture around 1923. Nowadays this technology has traveled a long journey of advancement, improvement, and optimization. In such a way, the Air Conditioner is focused on human comfort, and refrigeration is focused on storing foods, drinks, medicines, and other goods.

Nowadays, a field of work defined as HVAC/R (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration) includes all the basics of air conditioning and refrigeration. Hence Air Conditioning is now not only limited to control the temperature of environment, rather it is also providing humans with a comfortable air environment with a calculated amount of humidity, temperature, and constituent air purity.

Air Conditioning in Nepal is also a growing sector of service and business too. Many universities including Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University have this course in their syllabus, and many labs and institutes are working in the research field also. There are some organizations that, they are working as a service provider and as a research institute as well. Team Nepal Air Conditioning Pvt. Ltd. is among them, which is guided and owned by a group of Engineering professionals and providing support and service with a trained team of technicians.