The importance of healthy indoor air quality is very connected with the quality and efficiency of life. You and your family deserve the best air quality possible. Fortunately, some very common techniques added by some of the newly developed technologies can improve the air quality of your home by eliminating the source of pollutants, ventilating, filtrating, and controlling humidity.

To get started improving your indoor air quality today so you can breathe healthy air, start with some very common concerns, and for more detail, you can consult with professional service providers.

Eliminate the Source

Try to reduce the use of “bad things” in your home — cleaning supplies, paints, or anything that off-gasses into the air you breathe. Another issue leading to unhealthy air is a poor duct system. Air that leaks into a duct system from a crawl space or otherwise unconditioned space is a serious problem. This can be eliminated by getting your ducts cleaned by HVAC specialists at Team Nepal AC. Sealing ductwork alone can eliminate much of this infiltration.


It is important to exchange the air within your house with fresh air from outside on a regular basis. The easiest way to do this is to open the windows, but this brings in cold, humidity, pollen, and more.


Typical homes use standard 1” filters on the return grill. While this is an important feature of your HVAC system, improvements are available. Inline media filtration can capture more and smaller particles, leaving your air cleaner and healthier.

Controlling Humidity

Maintaining proper humidity within the home is extremely important for comfort. Too much humidity leads to clammy feelings, sweating at night, and potential for biological growth. Too little humidity leads to dry skin, sore throats, furniture, and hardwoods drying out, virus growth, and a host of other issues. Some equipment features that can combat excessive humidity in the home are the variable speed fan and two-stage compressor. For areas that require more dehumidification without overcooling, such as a finished basement, Bowman Mechanical Services recommends a whole-house dehumidifier that ties into the duct system and is controlled by a special thermostat. During the cold months when the lack of humidity is an issue, we can add moisture with a whole-house humidifier built into the duct system.

At Team Nepal Air-Conditioning, we believe that you deserve the best air quality to improve the quality of your life. Hence we are always ready to help you through our professional expertise and newest technology. Please give us a call or contact us.